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Vintage 42 | Cincinnati, OH | Copy | Product: Grape Press

A remnant of its fruitful past, the J.L Haven & Co. grape press seeks a home with a Cincinnati history buff, professor, or museum. Crafted with cast-iron mechanics and a solid oak frame, the press is marked with “J.L Haven & Co. Cincinnati O. Patented Nov. 19, 72; June 6, 76; Reissued May 26, 74; June 21, 74.”

  • J.L Haven & Co.
  • Oak Frame and Cast Iron
  • Late 19th Century; 1870s

About J.L. Haven & Co.

An intricate piece of Cincinnati history, James L. Haven & Co. was established in 1858 by the namesake himself. Known for manufacturing expertly-engineered farm equipment, J.L Haven & Co. was not only “…one of the leading iron foundries in the United States,” but was also the first to patent the modern-day Yo-Yo. Though the company only served Cincinnati until the late 19th century, the craftsmanship that went into their manufacturing has allowed the machinery to remain with us for over 150 years.

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Al’s Bar | Sharonville, OH | Copy | About Page

The same year Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and the Chevrolet Corvette rolled out of the factory and onto the lot, Al’s Bar opened for business in a small town north-east of Cincinnati: Sharonville, Ohio. The year was 1953. Al, the original owner of the bar, hung a vibrant neon sign off the front of the brick building, beckoning everyone traveling down Reading Road inside. 

Today, sixty-five years later, Al’s Bar is still thriving. In March of 2018, we came under new ownership and have since renovated. Though we’re modernizing, painting the brick with a fresh coat, and updating the interior, we still hold true to our original values. Our neon sign still glows at night—the very same relic you might remember from the 1950s. We still have a jukebox (modern and electric to play every earworm you have). And we still have that same small-town friendliness you’d find in the 1950s Midwest.

At Al’s, we’re passionate about nostalgia and authenticity, and above else, we’re passionate about the friendly atmosphere of Sharonville that has kept us thriving since the fifties.

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About Our Czech Jewelry

In 1908, Heinrich Brditschka began crafting Bohemian jewelry with a revivalist twist. After the Nazi Reich occupied the town in 1938, he fled his home. For over eighty years, the treasure hid inside the abandoned warehouse waiting to tell its story.

The Story
North of Prague lies a village upon the river Lusatian Neisse, hidden among forests of spruce and oak. Gablonz found its claim to fame by the nineteenth century with the production of Bohemian glass and metal. By 1908, Heinrich Brditschka used this market to his advantage and opened a jewelry manufacturing house in the heart of Gablonz. Brditschka’s jewelry became immediately sought after for the brilliant glass beading and metalwork. A revivalist himself, fans adored the Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Victorian influences in his jewelry.

But Brditschka’s reign on the Czechoslovakian jewelry empire fell. In the crisp fall of 1938, the German Reich occupied Gablonz. The throes of war destroyed homes and buildings, including Brditschka’s factory. The family, and many others in the community, fled to Austria. Starting anew, Brditschka established a sailplane production company for the war effort1.

As fast as it flourished, it disappeared. Gablonz’s story of jewelry, glass, and metalwork fell from the minds of villagers, until now.

Eighty years after closing their doors, a Czech woman purchased the run-down warehouse. Inside, she discovered a vast collection of ornate jewelry, untouched for decades. Hoping to share her discovery, she sells these delicate pieces to only a few dealers worldwide.

1Desmond, Kevin, and Ivo Boscarol. Electric Airplanes and Drones: a History. McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2018.

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